The Decorative Appeal of Red Gum

August 10, 2022
The Decorative Appeal Of Red Gum

As a new or prospective homeowner, you’ve probably come across red gum in your search for furnishings and decorations for your dream home. The reddish, brownish hue of red gum is truly one of a kind, making it stand out against any backdrop. It is for this very reason that red gum is one of the most popular materials that landscapers and homeowners alike fall back on when designing and building decorative features for a home.

In this post, we dive deep to find out more about what red gum is and explore three decorative uses of red gum that might give you some inspiration for decorating your home.

What is Red Gum?

Red gum, also known as river red gum, is a type of hardwood that is native to Australia. Its abundance has contributed to its relatively low cost and made it a popular choice of building material, with one of the most notable uses for red gum being in the construction of railways.

Compared to other types of wood, red gum is also significantly more resistant to rot. This makes it ideal for cities such as Melbourne where the weather can be unpredictable and where other types of wood might rot more easily.

3 Decorative Uses of Red Gum

Given the natural allure and distinctive hue of red gum, it has gained popularity in recent years as a material for decorative uses. Three of the most common decorative uses of red gum that you can consider incorporating into your home include:

1. Decking

The durability and rot resistant properties of red gum make it a popular choice of material for decking. Decks are often exposed to the elements, and using a weather-resistant material for decking can help to ensure its longevity. Moreover, the unique colour of red gum can also help your deck stand out in your neighbourhood.

2. Fence Posts

Red gum is also a popular material in the construction of fence posts. Fence posts surround the perimeter of your property, making them highly visible to your neighbours and passers-by. The distinctive colour of red gum can help to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

3. Retaining Walls

Another common application of red gum sleepers is in the construction of retaining walls. Retaining walls help to hold back soil and can create a raised bed of soil. In addition to helping segregate your outdoor space, you can also use retaining walls to create raised beds of soil for gardening, planting flowers, and various other uses.

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