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Garden Edging That Holds Its Shape

Made from durable and treated steel for extra strength the metal garden edging made by FormBoss is renowned for being able to be installed in a number of shapes, separating soil, gravel, turf, and sand from other areas of your landscape.

Available in a variety of thicknesses and heights to meet your specific requirements all of the metal edging products made by FormBoss are guaranteed to last for at least 10 years, offering lasting peace of mind to property owners, builders, and landscapers. Garden rings can also be purchased.

Formboss Steel Edging Is Readily Available in Three Steel Finishes

1. BlueScope REDCOR steel: For an attractive rustic designer finish.
2. BlueScope GALVABOND steel: For classic edging that is long-lasting strong and effective.
3. ZAM steel: The ultimate self-healing durable edge guaranteed for 15 years.

From flush defining edges to 450mm retaining walls the FormBoss stake range allows you to choose a stake size that is best suited to your needs. Three stakes per length is the standard recommendation, however long straight lines or heavy retaining may require more stakes. The stakes are precision laser cut and made to perfectly fit under the top rolled lip of the edging. Stakes do not require fasteners at the top of the edge due to the lip design. They are secured with tek screws at the bottom of the edging, just below the soil level. Rivets are also used along the exposed face of the higher profiles to prevent bowing.

Stakes should be approximately twice to three times the profile height depending on soil type and application.

Committed to being a one-stop garden brick and wall supply shop the professional gardening experts at Fulton Brickyard proudly stock an extensive range of renowned products and materials for homeowners, landscaping contractors, and other customers across Melbourne. From bricks, to pavers, and including retaining walls, we can improve the look, feel, and design of your garden or outdoor environment. To find out more about the outstanding benefits of FormBoss products call us directly on 9887 0134 or email our team at enquiries@fultonbrickyard.com.au.

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