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Natural Stone

If you are searching for a quality, luxurious material for your outdoor areas then consider natural stone. Stunning yet functional, natural stone is ideal for all your paving needs including pool areas. 

Unlike concrete, natural stone will age beautifully over time. All while providing a smooth safe surface to enjoy your outdoor activities on, such as lounging by the pool or entertaining. 

Natural stone comes in a wide range of colours that can add a striking look to your property. The stone can also be cut to fit rounded edges and blended with other tile types making it incredibly versatile. 

Some of the many options for natural stone pavers include limestone, sandstone, bluestone and dark stone varieties. This gives you plenty of choices to match the colour, size and texture to fit the character of your property.

Be inspired by your interior or exterior environment thanks to the expressive and decorative natural stone from the team at Fulton Brickyard. Perfect for breaking up blank and boring plaster walls our selection of textured stone will add grandeur to walls, surfaces, and other otherwise overlooked environments. Find out more about the possibilities of our competitively-priced natural stone by calling us on 03 9887 0134.

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