Garden Grottos: What Are They and Why Should You Have One?

October 29, 2022
Garden Grottos What Are They And Why Should You Have One(1)

If you have one in your home, a garden can be a place of relaxation, and you can add features to enhance its appeal. Besides planting decorative flora or a vegetable garden, you can modify the landscaping to make this space more eye-catching and dynamic. One way to add a touch of drama to your yard is to build a garden grotto.

What Is a Garden Grotto?

A grotto is a naturally occurring or artificial cave that usually lies next to a water stream. Grottos are popular projects for garden landscaping, as they pair well with water features and add charm to the layout of your backyard. 

Garden grottos look beautiful when you add exterior lights to enhance the shadows and textures of the stone. Streams and waterfalls will filter the light, creating a natural and animated effect. 

Grotto vs. Alcove

You might be confused about the difference between an alcove and a garden grotto. Alcoves are recessed retreats in landscaping, often used to shelter a statue or a seating area. You can build alcoves from vegetation, stone, wood, or concrete pavers. Garden grottos are also a shelter, but they are almost always paired with a pool, a waterfall, or another type of water feature. 

The Benefits of a Garden Grotto

Adding a grotto to your backyard or garden has numerous benefits, including:

  • They keep the water cooler during the summer, as moving water will store less heat from the sun. 
  • They help the water circulate, providing oxygen and discouraging algae growth and other contaminants. 
  • They muffle exterior noises from the street or neighbours, covering them with the relaxing sound of pouring water. 
  • They add value to your property, contributing to the aesthetic of your outdoor space. 

Types of Garden Grottos

Here are some of the most popular grotto styles you can choose for your outdoor area:

Fern or Plant Grotto

Planting ferns around the opening is an easy way to create a grotto shape around your water feature. They will provide a thick layer of shade, forming a tightly enclosed space. 

Pool Grotto

The most popular grotto design integrates into your pool area. Pool grottos usually have a waterfall that circulates the water and adds a shower function to your pool. 

Rock Grotto

A rock grotto next to your pool or garden pond adds privacy and enhances the look of your backyard. Use different types of rocks layered in unique patterns to bring out the beauty of this feature. 

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Grotto

When building a garden grotto, be creative with the materials and textures. Stone is the primary material for this landscaping structure, with cast stone shapes being the most functional.

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Image Source: Houzz