How to Clean and Maintain Your Pier Caps

July 10, 2022
How To Clean And Maintain Your Pier Caps

Pier caps are not only decorative elements for your yard or driveway fencing. They play a crucial role in protecting your piers and the walls around your home. Your outdoor masonry can always take potential damage from the weather, like water or corrosion. 

You can add an extra layer of protection for your brick or stone fences and borders by adding wall capping and pier caps. Not to mention, they will help your outdoor structures last longer and maintain their good condition over the years. 

What Can Damage Pier Caps?

Pier caps can be damaged by mould, moss, staining, and algae. This happens over time because of their exposure to moisture, wind, debris, and corrosive substances like bird waste. You can notice such issues in older fencing and masonry as they start to crumble and deteriorate. Keep your masonry clean and use the proper methods for maintenance and care, and your capping will remain free of damage and last longer.

What to Use to Clean Your Pier Caps

If you start noticing mould, algae, or lichens on your stonework, it’s time to clean them. Deep cleaning should not happen very often, as it usually removes a thin layer of the stone. Choose non-invasive methods whenever possible, and leave abrasive, harsh cleaners as a last resort.

  • Pressure Washing: By using high-pressure water jets, you can clean driveways, pavers, walls, and capping. However, it’s the kind of task that is best to leave with the professionals. Pressure washing can be dangerous for people and pets, and it can cause damage to your property. 
  • Hand Cleaning with Brush and Water Hose: If the dirt is minimal, you can always refresh the look of your caps by using a soft bristle brush and a mild detergent solution. 
  • Cleaning Solvents: For stones in darker shades, you can successfully use cleaning solvents like acetone or lacquer thinner. However, hydrogen peroxide works better on light-coloured stone items, especially against algae. 
  • Professional Cleaning: If there is extensive damage and you need to clean a large surface, it’s best to hire professionals. They have the proper equipment and experience to clean your walls or fence. 

Acidic Cleaning Agents

One method of removing grime from stone and cement capping is using acids that loosen up the dirt and expose a new clean layer. You can typically use muriatic acid or another acidic chemical and adjust the dilution according to the complexity of the task. You should test the acid on a small, hidden surface of the stone to ensure that it won’t cause any severe damage to the masonry. 

Pier Cap Professionals

Pier caps and wall capping play a role in protecting your brick or concrete structures, but they can also take damage or become stained if you neglect them. Our experienced masonry experts at Fulton Bricks & Paving are happy to provide advice on what type of capping fits your house and how to keep it in pristine condition. Call today and let us help you reach pier cap perfection!