How to Paint Pier Caps

July 10, 2022
How To Paint Pier Caps

Adding various details to your home’s exterior can make a big difference in the overall look and the curb value of the property. Landscaping, neat paving and roofing, and regular cleaning of the walls and windows are just a few examples of how to improve your yard and home.

One of the things you can add or modify to bring a touch of elegance to your yard is pier caps to your fence or gates. Cement caps are the most common, but natural stone is also popular among homeowners. You can even paint them to achieve a fun look. 

What are Pier Caps?

Pier caps are stone, cement, or concrete caps you place on top of the fence and gate piers. By topping the fence piers with the right style of concrete caps, you can bring forth the rest of your home’s architecture and create a tight, cohesive look.

The style of pier caps generally follows a simple concept, from flat slabs to models with a few geometrical cuts. For a more decorative effect, you can opt for flat pier caps and use them as a base for decorative finials or spheres. 

Types of Pier Caps

Pier caps come in various models and profiles to match the overall architectural style of the house. Each offers its own unique shape to compliment your home’s finishes.

  • Richmond pier caps: These concrete pier caps are traditional, popular, and fit most architectural styles. 
  • Albert pier caps: With a beautifully curved profile, this style of pier cap looks lovely in a more romantic garden, a classic period home, or a more natural yard. 
  • Pyramid pier caps: Geometrical in shape, these sharp-cut pier caps suit modern homes perfectly, giving them a clean and elegant look. 
  • Block pier caps: Measured square block caps are simple and clean for a finish that blends into almost any design. 

Where to Start: Prepping and Painting

If you already have pier caps or have found the right shape but not the colour you wanted, you can always paint them. For example, you can achieve a superb terracotta finish with the right shade of glossy red. 

The first step before applying paint is to clean the pier caps thoroughly and let them dry. This will ensure the paint goes on smoothly for a perfect finish. When painting, use even strokes with a roller for a smooth, thin layer, and avoid applying too much. Use exterior, water-based paint for your cement caps or other brickwork. These paints are formulated specifically for outdoor masonry. 

Pier Cap Perfection

Choosing the right pier caps can be a fantastic way of enhancing the look of your house from the outside. And by adding a layer of paint, you can add a touch of elegance to your home’s exterior.

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