How to Choose Pier Caps for Your Home

August 15, 2021
Albert Pier Cap & Wall Cap

The journey of building or renovating a home’s exterior involves a lot of decisions. The most fun part of it is choosing the finishing details. Pier caps are protective details on your gate pillars and walls that can give your home’s exterior a stylish look, increasing your curb appeal.

There are many options when choosing the right pier caps for your house. Read on to find out what pier capping is and why it’s a detail you shouldn’t overlook. 

What Are Pier Caps?

Pier caps are structures made of moulded concrete placed on the top of gate pillars or wall ends. They protect from weather and other damaging factors. Additionally, pier caps serve as a decorative element coming in a variety of shapes to complement any architectural style. 

Pier caps are typically made of the same material and shares style and colour with wall caps. Wall caps are flat, long structures that cap the top of the walls and serve the same purpose as pier caps. 

Styles of Pier Caps

Pier caps come in many different styles and shapes. There are a few classic models that are frequently chosen by homeowners for their exterior projects. 

Flat pier caps

Flat pier caps are simple elements with a flat top, perfect for displaying ornamental details. The most common ornaments are spheres, but you can get more eccentric ones, like an animal or plant shapes. 

Pyramid pier caps

Great for protecting your pillars and walls from the weather, pyramid pier caps have an elegant, timeless design that complements any exterior. 

Albert pier caps

Albert pier capping has a curved profile that adds elegance to your fence and walls. This style is attractive and bold and makes your facade immediately noticeable. 

Richmond pier caps

Richmond pier caps are topped with a practical, modern pyramid finish. They also have an interesting, layered profile at the base. This pier cap fits any style of architecture, and it brings the whole look of the fence together. 

How to Choose the Colour of the Pier Caps

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your pier caps, there are two rules. Keep it simple and fit the rest of the look. The shape and architectural style of the pier caps are important elements in the finished look, so you don’t go overboard with the colouring. 

Choose a colour and a shade that blends in with the background and fits the wall capping perfectly. Natural colours like warm greys and tans are classic choices. For a more edgy style of home design, opt for deep shades. Charcoal or dark grey are stand-out colours for this style.

Need Pier Caps or Wall Capping?

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