Landscaping Edging for Beginners: Using Hedges and Pavers to Edge Your Yard

April 7, 2022
Landscaping Edging For Beginners Using Hedges And Pavers To Edge Your Yard

Hedges and pavers are a wonderful way to keep your yard neat, separating green spaces from patios, sidewalks, and other paved surfaces. Hedges prevent plant debris from spreading everywhere and protect the plants, keeping them cradled and nicely edged. 

Framing your yard spaces with hedges or pavers can also give your home’s outdoor area a more manicured look, increasing curb appeal. Borders can create areas of interest for water installations, rock gardens, or terraces, guiding your steps towards different areas of your yard and garden. 

Reasons Why Landscaping Edging Can Be Beneficial

Adding landscaping edging combines design and functionality, especially when choosing plants, hedges, and pavers that match the rest of your stone structures. Natural materials are, by far, the most popular choice for outdoor spaces, as they perfectly blend in the scenery and make everything look more welcoming.

Why Proper Edging Prolongs the Life of Your Pavers

One of the practical advantages of proper edging is keeping your paver stones in good shape. Edging keeps pavers properly aligned and capable of resisting intense traffic and usage. It will also keep the ground from shifting, avoiding cracks and uneven surfaces. 

The Edge on Hedges

Hedges are a top choice for homeowners looking for some privacy from the neighbours, protection from the weather, and a well-trimmed live fence bordering their yard. The best plants for hedging have thick foliage and steady growth. But the secret to having thick, good-looking hedges is to regularly prune them and cut down the new branches to maintain the shape you’re going for.

To give your hedges a more elegant look, plant them in beds combined with pavers and clean edging. This way, you protect the base of your natural fence and prevent soil and debris from spilling on the paver area. 

Hedges and Pavers vs. Landscaping Berm

If you prefer a more subtle look for your edging and want to add plenty of plants and flowers to your yard or garden, choose to edge with berms. A berm is a raised portion of soil that can border a water stream, tree bases, or natural slopes. 

Berms in garden and yard landscaping are used to border grass areas, create raised beds for plants, and can be the edging you need for your interest points. Compared to other landscaping edgings, this solution is subtle, natural-looking, and simple to implement. 

The Edge on Landscaping Edging

Edging is the type of detail that takes your landscaping to another level, combining functionality with design. Little details like these will give your outdoor design a well-kept and manicured look, no matter what style you choose.

When browsing for pavers and edging stones for your yard or garden, go for local companies that have experience with the type of climate, soil, and materials in the area. For homeowners in and around Melbourne, Fulton Bricks & Paving Supplies are the number one supplier for materials for landscaping, walls, and pavers in the area.

Image source: Kinley Systems Limited