Paver Stones Vs. Landscaping Gravel: What is Better for Your Yard?

June 10, 2022
Paver Stones Landscaping Gravel

Spending more time outside can be good for our physical and mental health, allowing us to breathe fresh air and bathe in natural light. Our outdoor space is also an extension of our living space, and it should be eye-pleasing, easy to maintain, and comfortable. You can boost your landscaping with basic materials like bricks, concrete sleepers, gravel, wood, or stone pavers. There are many different solutions to choose from, but let’s compare two popular choices: pavers and gravel.  

The Pros and Cons of Pavers

Pavers are stone blocks that are cut or moulded into regular shapes. You can create visually appealing patterns that also have superior structural strength. This makes pavers perfect for areas with heavy traffic, such as driveways, patios, and paths in your yard. 

Pros of Pavers

  • They are durable and come in a large variety of shapes, colours and designs.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and easy to match with the architectural style of your house.
  • Pavers increase the curb value of your home, creating a comfortable and long-lasting outdoor living area.

Cons of Pavers

  • Pavers can be difficult to install yourself if you prefer a DIY project.
  • The up-front cost of pavers can be high.
  • They need adequate maintenance, such as power washing every few years.

The Pros and Cons of Landscaping Gravel

People have used gravel for landscaping for centuries, and it can give a home a unique old-school feel. Like pavers, gravel can come in different colours, textures, and sizes, allowing you to match it to the style of your garden or yard.

Pros of Landscaping Gravel

  • Landscaping gravel is affordable and immediately improves the appearance of your yard, driveway, or patio.
  • It is easy to install and suitable for a DIY project.
  • Gravel makes a loud, shifting sound when you step on it, which can act as an alert for wildlife or intruders.

Cons of Landscaping Gravel

  • Rain, traffic, or intense activities can dislodge the gravel and make it uneven.
  • You will need to add more gravel once in a while to keep its look and depth.
  • Gravel increases the risk of tracked dirt inside your home, like mud and dust.

Gravel Vs. Pavers; The Verdict

Choosing between these two landscaping materials can be difficult, as both options have their benefits. Pavers are more durable and will not dislodge, providing a solid area for heavy traffic. However, you can successfully use gravel for your garden area, smaller alleys and paths, or calmer activities. 

You can also combine the two materials and create separate areas with pavers and gravel, depending on how often you use them and what look you want to achieve. You can also match the colour and style of the pavers with the gravel to create a unitary look.

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