Signs of Retaining Wall Damage and When to Seek Repairs

February 25, 2024
Signs Of Retaining Wall Damage And When To Seek Repairs

Retaining walls offer numerous practical and aesthetic benefits for any yard or garden. Not only can they help to delineate the garden space into segments, but they can also help create raised beds that are ideal for growing plants, flowers, or vegetables. However, like all things, retaining walls can deteriorate after years of use and may require repairs from time to time to ensure that they continue to serve their purpose without giving way. In this post, we look at some of the signs of retaining wall damage that you ought to look out for.

Signs of Retaining Wall Damage

Inspecting your retaining wall regularly should be an integral part of your home maintenance routine. However, if you’re not familiar with retaining walls, signs of damage may not be immediately obvious to you, and by the time you spot them, it may already be too late. Thus, it can be helpful to familiarise yourself with some of the common signs of retaining wall damage you might encounter, including:

Leaning or Tilting

If a retaining wall is beginning to lean or tilt, it is a clear sign that the wall is experiencing issues with its structural integrity. It may be losing its ability to hold back soil due to various possible reasons, such as a deteriorating foundation.

Water Stains

If your retaining wall starts to show signs of staining or discolouration on the surface, it may be indicative of issues with the drainage. This can be an issue as it may lead to erosion or deterioration of the soil that is held back by the retaining wall.


Cracks are one of the most obvious types of damage to spot with a retaining wall, and they indicate that the affected wall segment is no longer able to support the weight of the earth behind it and needs to be changed.

When to Seek Repairs

Repairing a retaining wall is not an easy task, and there are often many intricacies to the process. While more superficial types of damage may be easily repaired with some DIY, you may need to seek the help of a professional landscaper to help you repair more serious damage. In addition, you should also always seek repairs immediately once you notice signs of damage, as it is always easier to repair retaining walls when the damage is still minor. If you procrastinate too long, the damage might worsen to the point where you might need to replace your retaining wall entirely.

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