The Value of Landscape Edging

April 28, 2023
The Value Of Landscape Edging

Homeowners routinely invest thousands of dollars into their landscaping. Yet, even with expensive shrubbery, carpet grass, lush flower beds and luxury outdoor furniture, you might still find that there’s just something missing from your backyard. One of the main reasons for that is that many homeowners forget one crucial landscaping task, edging. In this post, we look at the multiple benefits of landscape edging and how it can improve the appeal and value of your home.

What Is Landscape Edging?

Landscape edging entails using materials such as pavers, burls and even timber sleepers to create a boundary within your yard, separating it into various areas. Each area has a unique purpose, such as a vegetable garden, a flower border or a Pergola-covered sitting area.

Yard edging started in the late 18th century and referred to materials set along the outer edges of planted areas. Those first edgings mainly used thick, sturdy plants, such as boxwood or holly hedges.

The Benefits of Edging Your Yard

Landscape edging has been used in private yards and public parks for a long time. It is easy to do, very functional and adds aesthetic value to each space. Here are some other benefits to consider:

Curb Appeal

Adding edging will immensely increase the visual appeal of your yard. It will give your lawn a tidy, well-kept look that can only be achieved by regular maintenance and good organisation.

Well-Defined Spaces

Edging creates neat lines between flower beds, gardens and other areas. You can accentuate any part of your yard as well, making it a focal point.

Visual and Physical Barrier

The barrier created by edging is both visual and physical. As a wall, it will prevent weeds from growing in your flower beds. Visually, it can also help you to direct people to walk in certain areas. Your garden, flower beds, and plants will grow safely within the edges.


Landscape edging allows you to incorporate multiple design elements and artistic styles into your landscape. You can install edging elements that will fit the exterior of your façade or complement the colour of your flowers.

Is Landscape Edging Expensive?

Professional landscape edging can cost between $730 and $1800, averaging around $1,250 for a single job. This price can be influenced by various factors, including the materials used and the size of the spaces that require edging. Large lots will take more time and materials, while smaller yards will be more budget-friendly. Price also varies depending on the shape of the edges, with curved edges typically being more costly than straight ones.

DIY Landscape Edging with Fulton Brickyard

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