What to Do if You Notice Cracks in Your Retaining Wall?

February 25, 2024
What To Do If You Notice Cracks In Your Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are a sizeable investment for many homeowners. It is not cheap to build a retaining wall, and after building one in your yard or garden, it is perfectly reasonable for you to expect the wall to last many years. However, retaining walls are still subject to wear and tear. A common type of deterioration experienced by retaining walls is cracking, which can often have severe implications and require immediate rectification. In this post, we examine what you should do if you start to notice cracks in your retaining wall.

What Causes Retaining Wall Cracks?

Retaining wall cracks can be caused by a multitude of different factors. However, the most common factor by far is poor drainage. When a retaining wall isn’t properly constructed, water may start to accumulate behind the wall. Over time, this can result in a build-up of pressure that causes the retaining wall to crack and potentially even buckle. Other causes of retaining wall cracks may also include tree roots that have grown behind or beneath the wall and are exerting pressure on it, as well as excessive loads beyond what the retaining wall is designed to accommodate.

What to Do if You Notice Cracks?

If you notice cracks in your retaining wall, here are some of the steps you can take to mitigate the negative impact that they can have:

Identify the Root Cause

Because retaining wall cracks are often indicative of an underlying problem, you should start by trying to ascertain the root cause of the cracks. By identifying the root cause, you can eliminate it and ensure that it does not cause your future retaining walls to suffer the same fate.

Assess the Severity

Apart from determining the root cause, you should also assess the extent and severity of the damage that your wall has sustained. This might influence your decision on what to do next. A wall that has only suffered minor cracking might be repairable as long as the root cause is dealt with. However, if the structural integrity of the wall has already been compromised, you might need to replace the affected parts of the wall or the wall entirely.

Consult a Professional

If you are not familiar with the inner workings of retaining walls and are unable to identify the cause of cracking or the repairs needed, it is wise to consult a professional builder or landscaper. They would have the knowledge and expertise to effectively and efficiently diagnose the underlying problem and propose a workable solution, offering you the best outcomes.

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Image Source: EKAN Home Inspection