The Benefits of Using Paver Tile Flooring in Your Home

February 1, 2023
The Benefits Of Using Paver Tile Flooring In Your Home

Pavers are ideal for building and decorating yards, driveways, gardens, and patios. However, this versatile and affordable construction material has more uses than just outside your home or yard, and all it takes is a bit of creativity to incorporate them into your home. In this post, we look at how pavers can be a fantastic option for your indoor flooring as well.

What Are Paver Tiles?

Paver tiles are brick tiles made from the same materials as regular pavers but are cut thinner. This is because outdoor pavers typically have a height that won’t allow you to use them indoors. 

Manufacturers make concrete paver tiles by pouring concrete mixes into moulds. The mixture can have different properties and treatments, including colour and texture. This gives the tiles more aesthetic appeal for indoor use.

Paver Tiles Vs. Regular Tiles

Regular tiles can be thin and brittle. The most common materials used to make standard tiles are ceramic, stone and porcelain. Over time, these can crack or even break and will need to be replaced.

In contrast, paver tiles are made to withstand the traffic and conditions of outdoor areas like driveways and patios. These thin pavers are strong and long lasting, making them a durable alternative to regular tiles.

Key Features of Paver Tiles

Paver tiles are a great alternative to other flooring options. Here are a few key benefits that they can have:

Durability and Maintenance

Paver tiles are durable and last long, even when exposed to moisture, traffic, and temperature differences. They can be cleaned and maintained with ease.

Long-Term Added Value

They may also add to the long-term value of your home because they won’t need replacements or repairs that often. If parts of your floor are damaged due to external factors, the affected paver tiles can be replaced easily. 


Paver tiles are ideal for families with kids and pets because they are skid-resistant, have better grip and require less effort to clean. You can also opt for stain-resistant pavers if you plan on using them in your kitchen to prevent stains from food spills.

The Cost of Installing Interior Pavers

Concrete pavers can look exactly like natural stone tiles and won’t cost nearly as much. If you dislike the idea of concrete flooring, you can also opt for sandstone or terracotta pavers. The reduced cost of paver tiles compared to regular tiles stems from the easier installation process. You can lay out pavers directly on the subfloor, reducing the required labour.

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