The Importance of Levelling Your Ground Before Paving It

May 29, 2024
The Importance Of Levelling Your Ground Before Paving It

Ground levelling is an important step that must be undertaken before laying pavers, and many beginner landscapers or DIY-ers with no professional experience underestimate its importance. Without proper levelling, a paved surface can look uneven and may even shift over time, resulting in erosion and potentially even instability. In this post, we examine why it is so important for you to level your ground before paving it.

The Importance of Levelling Your Ground

Some of the reasons for why it is so important for you to level your ground before laying your pavers include:

Proper Drainage

When you lay pavers on the ground that has not yet been properly levelled, you run a very high risk of the eventually paved surface being uneven. This unevenness can create areas of lower depth where water is able to pool in when it rains, leading to the formation of unsightly puddles on your paved surface.

Enhanced Durability of Paved Surface

Levelling your ground before laying pavers can also help to enhance the overall durability of the paved surface. This is because an uneven paved surface is more prone to similarly uneven external pressure. This makes it more likely that the pavers will shift and settle, resulting in the faster deterioration of the paved surface over time. An unevenly paved surface may also have less structural integrity and may be more susceptible to cracking and breakage, resulting in higher maintenance costs in the long run.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

A well-levelled paved surface will also look more aesthetically appealing as compared to one that is uneven. This can improve the overall visual appearance of your home and may also increase its curb appeal as your outdoor spaces are often the first thing that passers-by and neighbours see.

Essential Tools and Equipment Needed

To ensure that you achieve a level surface for paving, there are some essential tools and equipment that you will need, including:

  • Measuring Tools: Measuring tools such as tape measures and string lines can help you ensure that you are maintaining the same level as you excavate the ground for the area that you’re paving. For a more technologically advanced option, you can consider using a laser level instead.
  • Excavation Tools: Excavation tools such as shovels, spades and wheelbarrows are also essential as they enable you to carry out the work that is needed to level the ground. Once you’ve completed the excavation, a plate compactor and a hand tamper can also help you press down the ground and ensure that it is properly prepared for paving.

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