Outdoor Fire Pits; A Warm And Welcoming Addition To Your Yard

July 19, 2022
Outdoor Fire Pits A Warm And Welcoming Addition To Your Yard

Few things are as relaxing and fulfilling as spending time with your family and friends around your house in a green and friendly space where you can unwind and forget about the stress of your workday. Fire pits are a great way to do just that. You can cosy up and enjoy the outdoors, spend a romantic evening, and share sweet treats roasted over an open fire.

What is a Fire Pit?

Outdoor fire pits are dug-out holes in a yard or space away from most structures. They are typically built up with stone or brick that is both decorative and functional. Brick or stone walls keep the fire controlled and safe to enjoy for everyone.  You can build a fire pit in countless ways. All you really need is a clearly delimited space where you can burn wood, charcoal, or another type of fuel. 

Fire Safety and You

Before building a fire pit, consider the fuel type you will use, the health of the residents, and whether your community will be affected by it. According to studies carried out by local authorities, almost half of the dangerous air pollution in Victoria comes from wood fires. 

Many municipalities have dedicated laws regarding fire safety, including installing a fire pit in your yard. Check with your township or city hall to ensure no special permissions or license is required before you build.

Featured Fire Pits

There are numerous fire pit styles on the market. The best materials to use are natural stone, bricks, pavers, and metal. Making your fire pit can be a rewarding DIY project for the weekend, whether you do it from scratch or use a store-bought fire pit base. Here are some of the most common fire pit styles in Australian backyards:

  • Cast iron or steel bowl fire pit: Metal is fantastic for fire pits because of its resistance to extreme heat and high conductivity. Cast iron is one of the best choices, but stainless steel is an excellent alternative for a more modern look.
  • Stone or brick fire pit: Building your pit from natural materials is affordable, stylish, and practical. Locally sourced or reclaimed bricks and pavers are the perfect renewable material for fire pits.
  • Smokeless fire pit: Less of a design style and more a functional characteristic, smokeless fire pits use a system that burns the smoke before it reaches the surrounding air. Smokeless fire pits can be bought as a stand-alone item or as a base that you install using your material of choice.

What Types of Bricks to Use

If you want to go with the natural look of bricks or stones, choose fire bricks and fire-resistant materials, like flagstones or concrete sleepers. Going with rocks like river stone is dangerous because they can contain water that can make them explode when heated. 

Here at Fulton Bricks & Paving, we are happy to provide all the information and materials needed for your fire pit project in and around Melbourne. Get all of your bricks, pavers and other building supplies from us today!