How to Prevent Tree Roots from Damaging Your Yard

December 27, 2022
How To Prevent Tree Roots From Damaging Your Yard

Spending time outdoors can be very relaxing, especially if you’re lounging in the comfort of your backyard. A well-equipped, maintained yard lets you enjoy beautiful weather and organise gatherings for friends and family. Just imagine serving drinks and having a barbeque on a smooth paver patio, with comfortable seats for your guests and nice paths through the grass area. 

However, if your pavement starts getting cracks and bumps, you might have a problem. The big trees you have in or around your backyard are likely the main culprits when this happens.

Where Do Roots Cause Damage?

Nature often prevails, even in the face of human influence. Tree roots can easily damage concrete foundations, brick houses or stone walls. Your driveway or patio will suffer if tree roots start growing underneath, especially if it only comprises a relatively thin layer of concrete or pavers. 

Large trees have strong roots that grow slowly and steadily, infiltrating through the path of least resistance. They expand through the soil and can even get into cracks in concrete, making the damage they cause more severe. 

4 Ways to Prevent Root Damage

If you have large trees on your property and are worried about root damage, here are some control and prevention methods you can adopt:

Trenching Around Patios

One simple method of preventing damage to your patio or driveway is to dig a trench around them. Make a new edge yearly to cut any growth that might expand toward your pavers or concrete. This method involves a lot of effort, but it’s a good way of pruning unwanted roots. 

Pruning and Edging

You can control the growth of your tree roots by pruning and edging them, ideally with the help of an arborist. An edge is a trench or a paver barrier below the ground. It stops the roots from growing too much. 

Root Damming

Installing a root barrier is one of the most effective methods of preventing root damage. It can be a plastic or metal sheet or a dam with herbicide capsules. The latter is the most effective, as it slows down root growth without affecting other plants. 

Gravel and Watering

Trees will expand their root system if they don’t get enough nutrients. Prevent that by watering them and putting mulch (like gravel) around them to keep moisture where it should be. 

Replacement Pavers and More

You can consider a revamp of your yard if root damage is already affecting your patio or driveway. Cracked or bumpy surfaces are a tripping hazard and could lead to water damage, as it pools in the wrong places. Choose durable, high-quality materials for your new pavers and consider implementing root damage prevention measures in the future.  

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